Life is the name of the game…

Exactly 50 years ago there was this young, small, blondish, little girl, who came out of medical school and turned into… a little doctor. She felt like… Alice in Wonderland. After  some years of hard work, she had just been given an extraordinary power, she was given the ability to “interfere” with life, was given the password to a magic world.

35 years ago she moved to the Algarve

As time went by the young little doctor became … a more experienced little doctor and her patients gave her several different friendly “nicknames”, like doctor spitfire, the blonde bombshell or the lone ranger with the stethoscope.

In 1993 LUZDOC was started as a business, small but with a huge capacity, as a result of the human characteristics of our “in house” team and the enormous network of person-to-person contacts we have, as well as the knowledge “to make things work”.

In 2014 LUZDOC opened MEDILAGOS a new facility, responding to the client’s needs.

Putting prevention into practice

Generally speaking Portugal has a very good standard of Medicine and at the moment the capacity of Medical services in the Algarve is good. 

Today healthcare professionals realise the benefits from preventive care and patient education.

When considering health care, the most important thing is the quality of the service and that it is adequate to individual characteristics, as health is the most precious thing and life is the name of the game.

We are here for your entire medical needs. They are our first concern, as we care for the whole of you.

The capacity to see beyond the obvious is what makes the difference

We could say that National and Private Health Care Services are like “ready to wear” and “tailor made”. If you can afford it go for tailor made.

Luzdoc – International Medical Service provides a complete and comprehensive 24 Hours Health Care Service including Aesthetic Medicine, Sport’s Medicine, Environmental Health, Occupational Medicine, Hygiene and Safety, to enable you to keep yourself and your business, healthy, effective and also legal.

The future is… what you make of your own present.

Dr. Maria Alice

Consultant in General and Family Medicine

General Manager/Medical Director – Luzdoc International Medical Service/ Medilagos

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