Pay Attention – Flu jab

WE WOULD LIKE to inform you that due to the current contingency plans and restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, we do not yet have an expected date when we will receive the flu vaccines. The distribution of influenza vaccines purchased by the Portuguese state was mainly for the National Health System (SNS).

Therefore, we advise that if you are 65 (or older) or belong to a Risk Group, try to get the vaccine at the institutions that have it available at this time. You can either do the vaccine through the Health Center where you are registered or the pharmacy in your area (you will need your utente number – number given to you at the moment of registration at the health center).

If you do manage to get the flu vaccine through the above mentioned facilities, we would appreciate it if you could inform us so that we can update our booking list. If we do not hear back from you, then we will assume that you are still interested in having the flu vaccine with us, and will contact you as soon as we have stock available.


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