Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
The site user acknowledges that by using this site they accept the current Terms of Use.
Luzdoc reserves the right, without prior notice and with immediate effect, to change, add, update or partially or totally eliminate the current Terms of Use at any time.

Data Processing
Data processing is a procedure which allows Luzdoc to carry out the collection, registration and physical and computerised storage of customer details.
We would like to remind our clients that Luzdoc has always respected individual privacy assuming, with maximum diligence, our responsibilities regarding the commitment to protect your personal data.
With this in mind, Luzdoc is committed to treating, with the highest security and confidentiality, any elements, documentation, files and data provided by the client, always respecting the legal obligations of the GDPR.
All data entrusted to the Luzdoc network will never be used beyond the objectives and purposes of our services, and the customer will always have the right to verify, alter or remove any of the components whenever they wish, through a written request to info@luzdoc.com.

Data that can be collected
The use of this site does not necessarily imply the provision of personal data.
However, if you would like any written clarification through the use of our system, you will be requested to provide the following information: Name, Phone Contact and Email Address.
In order to subscribe to our Newsletter you will be asked for your Email address.

Luzdoc is permitted to use your email to send Newsletters with articles, promotions and updated information on our services, only with your authorisation.
To join the Newsletter, the only information you will be asked for is your email address.
You can cancel your subscription to the Newsletter by simply sending us a written request by email to info@luzdoc.com.

Links to Third Party Sites
All rules referred to in the Terms and Conditions apply solely and exclusively to the Luzdoc site and are not valid for sites that we may indicate through links.