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“The support you require to practice healthy physical exercise…safely!”


Physical exercise as part of healthcare is one of the main concerns in current Medicine. Sedentarism is considered to be responsible for health deterioration, as well as various diseases. The regular practice of physical activity (sports, leisure or therapy) is benefi- cial, provided it is oriented and accompanied under medical supervision.
Physical activity in our daily lives and in various illness- es, both for the general public and the athlete, requires special attention from a clinical aspect.
We provide a personalised and differentiated medical support service to accompany the safe practice of physical exercise, as well as the diagnosis and treat- ment of injuries resulting from practicing sports.


– Sports Medical Examinations
– Diagnostic Consultations:
Sports injuries;
Musculoskeletal pathologies;
Non-surgical osteoarticular pathologies.
– Rehabilitation programs for injuries resulting from sports and musculoskeletal pathology
– Rehabilitation and Performance
Functional training;
Therapeutic exercises;
Joint mobility exercises.
– Treatment of pain
Oral medication;
Electrotherapy (TENS Electrical Stimulation).



The Exercise/Sports Medicine consultation is intended for any active person in general and the sportsman in particular. It covers what can be called a general medi- cine consultation related to sports and to the practice of physical activity.