Together, in our two Clinics Luzdoc (Luz) and Medilagos (Lagos), we provide health services that include medical specialties, nursing and other technical health support and when justified at home. We provide a first-line care service through the combined action of a multilingual team and a qualified and cohesive medical and nursing staff.

Our clinics offer a personalised comprehensive Health Care Service with an integrated approach to the individual as a whole. In this context, considering the broader concept of health in our organisational culture, with the broad responsiveness that characterises us, together with the support of administrative services, we highlight that besides Family Medicine we offer qualified departments in the areas of Occupational Medicine, Hygiene and Safety, Esthetic Medicine, Physiotherapy, Sport’s Medicine, enabling you to keep yourself and your business, effectively healthy.

Luzdoc recognises the emergence of more discerning clients, better informed about their health issues and wanting to take a more active part in achieving optimum health, balancing the coexistence of available new technologies in a friendly environment.


HEALTH is the most precious thing for any human being.

Our team has just one purpose: To help you to achieve the right to be healthy!

We are focused on PREVENTION as we should always foresee the danger and control it, as much as possible, before it happens.

We believe in moving beyond the old definition of health as the absence of disease, to the absolute need to aim for an improved and preserved health status by focusing on the entire spectrum of health and well-being and not only the eradication of diseases.

Luzdoc recognises the emergence of more discerning clients, better informed about their health issues and wanting to take a more active part in achieving optimum health, balancing the coexistence of available new technologies in a friendly environment.


Health is a state of balance to adequately cope with all demands of daily life, an equilibrium that individuals establish within themselves, and with their social and physical environment.

To establish whether someone is in good health, according to this definition, doctors must explore how individuals who have a disease feel about it, how the disease influences their lives, how they propose to fight their disease or live with it.

“We are the managers of our own present and future, a job we cannot fail as this one is, certainly, the job of our lives…”


The promotion of health is certainly affected by the differences in the definition of health.

At Luzdoc and Medilagos we believe that “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This definition of health demands an early and excellent disease management. Managing disease, and not solely its absence, is a means to a healthy life.

At our Clinics the aim is to provide conditions under which people can maintain and improve their health and wellbeing, preventing the deterioration of health.

Our continuous effort is to offer Up-To-Date Health Services!


In addition to symptoms and laboratory findings, it is necessary to view the disease in the context of the person who has it, to make a judgment about his or her level of health. The essence of the relationship between a family and the family doctor is TRUST.

At all times, patients who suffer from a disease and their doctors need to work simultaneously on two tasks, removing or alleviating the disease, and establishing a state of balance, within themselves and the environment.

Going about the treatment of diseases this way improves the practice of medicine making it more realistic as well as more humane.

The family practitioner is devoted to the patient, an unpredictable, unexpected and unique human being. Each person becomes ill in their own way and the relationship with the family doctor must be realistic, understanding.



  • 1. To strive for excellence as tailor made health providers.
  • 2. To treat fewer patients through illness.
  • 3. To help more clients maintain and improve their health.


  • Considering health in its broadest sense.
  • Respecting your right as a unique individual.
  • Welcoming you to take guided personal responsibility for your health.
  • Using a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to healthcare.
  • Always seeking the state of the art in conventional medicine.
  • Providing a centrally co-ordinated service for all that your health requires.


  • A modern, well-equipped, efficient, diverse service.
  • Multinational staff to provide a professional, friendly atmosphere.
  • Consultations in General Family Medicine and Medical Specialities.
  • On-site complementary diagnostic tests.
  • Health support complementary therapies.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service.
  • Domicile visits by Doctors and Nurses.
  • Health Screens.
  • Travel Medicine / Vaccinations.
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • Occupational Health.
  • Assistance services to the international traveller.
  • Rental of Medical equipment.
  • Assisted booking of external exams and obtaining results.
  • Transport and accompaniment.


Luzdoc is a private clinic and as such we work very closely with private medical insurance companies dealing in national, international, and travel insurance.
There are various ways in which payment is made at Luzdoc:

International and travel insurance including ex-pat, outpatient and day-care treatment is usually paid directly by the client to the clinic. A claim form is then sent to the appropriate insurance company by the client, along with the account, to be reimbursed for the cost, if all conditions of their policy are met. Prolonged or expensive treatment
can be paid for directly by the insurance company to Luzdoc, on request, Due to this we have set up direct payment protocols with various insurance companies.With national insurance there are protocols in place which allow for Luzdoc clients to benefit from specific discounts in accordance with their policies.

International companies include:

AGEAS, AXA PPP, SOS International and all major travel insurance companies.

National companies include:

Allianz – Clínica Luzdoc

Advancecare – Luzdoc Clinic | Medilagos Clinic

Future Healthcare – Luzdoc Clinic | Medilagos Clinic

Medicare – Luzdoc Clinic | Medilagos Clinic

Médis – Luzdoc Clinic | Medilagos Clinic

Multicare – Luzdoc Clinic

RNA – Servimed – Luzdoc Clinic


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