Acupuncture Revisited

At Luzdoc, as we have evolved and grown, it has always been our philosophy to be open to all the complementary treatment approaches of proven quality, scientifically recognised and validated.

The therapy of acupuncture has a long history. In its 2500 years of development, a wealth of experience has been accumulated, attesting to the wide range of diseases and conditions that can effectively be treated with its approach.

Acupuncture is a good example of a therapeutic choice that went through a long difficult period of non acceptance and denial.

In recognition of the increasing worldwide interest in the subject, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a symposium on acupuncture in June 1979 in Beijing, China and released a report called “Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials.”

This was the first step for the recognition and demonstration of evidence that acupuncture is effective in treating several diseases and symptoms, having a stimulating effect on the immune system, as well as anti inflammatory and analgesic action, helping to recover the organic equilibrium without causing adverse secondary consequences.

In Portugal the integration of acupuncture in the health system was started with a legal document from 2003, leading to the certification of the involved professionals with the Central Administration of the Portuguese Health System. This process guarantees safety, not only for the people using these services but for the professionals providing the services and the health professionals that recommend them.

The position taken by the Portuguese Health General Administration has had a steady progress with the inclusion of not only Acupuncture but other traditional Therapies and Chinese Medicine as such, in the program of official health events. This behaviour is giving credit to acupuncture within the medical community.

In terms of good practice, acupuncture, like any other scientifically credible therapeutic approach, must be used after the establishment of a treatment protocol, based on a personalised diagnosis, considering the whole of the patient’s clinical history.

Given the extended range of situations that can benefit from acupuncture the attitude of the Portuguese authorities is very welcome, extending the range of treatment options for those seeking the more adequate solutions for their ailments.

Luzdoc now has available the services of Acupuncturist João Aguiar, with a degree in Chinese Medicine, for consultations and treatments at our clinics Luzdoc and Medilagos.

This presentation was done with his support.


The Luzdoc Team.

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