Luzdoc is a private clinic and as such we work very closely with private medical insurance companies dealing in national, international, and travel insurance.
There are various ways in which payment is made at Luzdoc:

International and travel insurance including ex-pat, outpatient and day-care treatment is usually paid directly by the client to the clinic. A claim form is then sent to the appropriate insurance company by the client, along with the account, to be reimbursed for the cost, if all conditions of their policy are met. Prolonged or expensive treatment
can be paid for directly by the insurance company to Luzdoc, on request, Due to this we have set up direct payment protocols with various insurance companies.With national insurance there are protocols in place which allow for Luzdoc clients to benefit from specific discounts in accordance with their policies.

International companies include:

AGEAS, AXA PPP, SOS International and all major travel insurance companies.

National companies include:

Allianz – Clínica Luzdoc

Advancecare – Luzdoc Clinic | Medilagos Clinic

Future Healthcare – Luzdoc Clinic | Medilagos Clinic

Medicare – Luzdoc Clinic | Medilagos Clinic

Médis – Luzdoc Clinic | Medilagos Clinic

Multicare – Luzdoc Clinic

RNA – Luzdoc Clinic