Up-To-Date Health Services A continuous effort!

Since 1981 Luzdoc has progressed into a tailor-made Family Medicine center, providing a comprehensive 24 Hours Health Care Service to the resident and the tourist populations of the Algarve, where patients are partners in their health care, well-being and health prevention. Luzdoc recognises the emergence of more discerning clients, better informed about their health issues and wanting to take a more active part in achieving optimum health, balancing the coexistence of available new technologies in a friendly environment.

After working for a number of years in Lisbon’s largest University Hospital, Dr. Maria Alice moved permanently to the Algarve and started the surgery.
Since 2001 Dr Joanna Karamon, became a fundamental support for the clinic’s progression sharing the same vision of services.
In 2014 Dr. Nadia Brandford joined the team fulltime and Dr. Mário Ferreira started working part-time with us.
From December 2019 Dra. Ines Rodrigues became part of our medical staff and is a relevant asset not only for her medical experience but also for being fluent in the Swedish language as she worked in Sweden for some years.

In 2014 LUZDOC opened MEDILAGOS which is now expanding premises and services, responding to our client’s needs.
At Medilagos, besides basic outpatient health support, we have developed Occupational Health and Esthetic Medicine. New services such as Sport’s Medicine and related areas will be developed in the extended premises.

The essence of the relationship between a family and the family doctor is TRUST.
The family practitioner is devoted to the patient, an unpredictable, unexpected and unique human being. Each person becomes ill in their own way and the relationship with the family doctor has to be realistic, understanding.
At Luzdoc we talk about personalised primary health care with an integrated approach to the whole individual, not only tests and pills.
Be aware, foresee the danger and control it, as much as you can.
This is prevention!

“We are the managers of our own present and future, a job we cannot fail as this one is, certainly, the job of our life…”

Luzdoc offers a comprehensive 24-Hour Health Care Service and certified departments in the areas of Occupational Medicine, Hygiene and Safety, Esthetic Medicine and Sport’s Medicine enabling you to keep yourself and your business, effectively healthy.
Health is the most precious thing for any human being.
Our team has just one purpose: To help you… to be healthy!

Link: https://www.portugalresident.com/up-to-date-healthcare-a-continuous-effort/

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