Times have changed… but Luzdoc goes on!

Times have changed… but Luzdoc goes on! By Business Focus

Luzdoc have always recognised that the ‘art’ of medicine is forever changing. Since their inception they’ve constantly strive to deliver the best up-to-date medical care available, living up to the team philosophy, and thus helping clients to attain, through good general health, the best quality of life possible.

These goals have never been more relevant than during the pandemic times we’re currently living. With more than 36 years of experience, they’ve been focusing on the fact that whilst COVID-19 is a major threat to health, this does not mean that all other illnesses and diseases should be put on hold.

This is a very relevant factor as, due to the pandemic, many people think twice before seeking medical aid in a hospital/ clinic setting and, as such, their focus has been to maintain and improve the medical services their clients usually expect, under optimum conditions of safety for both clients and staff. Such measures include operating a closed-door policy for the purposes of screening everyone through temperature control and triage questionnaire; monitoring the correct use of an adequate mask; managing the number of people inside the clinic at one time, with only the client allowed into the clinic, unless they require special support/ supervision. This allows for social distancing and a thorough disinfection schedule.

Using a dedicated isolation room, they’ve instigated COVID-19 testing and screening for staff and clients – including those with possible COVID-19 symptoms – and pre-travel testing.

As the Portuguese NHS’ COVID-19 vaccination program gets under way, Luzdoc staff is ready to inform the clients that use them as their primary health care facility, about the procedure they have to follow to gain access to the vaccination program.

They are there for you, every day, as usual, with no exception.

Luzdoc in Algarve Resident’s Business Focus 2021

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