Excellence and innovation in health services for over 40 years

Luzdoc, in Praia da Luz, has existed for the past 43 years under the leadership and guidance of our founder, Dr Maria Alice, who has overseen the constant growth of this company.

They have always strived to diversify and introduce innovative, up-to-date medical services that would be beneficial to their client’s health. With this philosophy of embracing the need for tailor-made physical, mental and aesthetic wellbeing, Medilagos Clinic, in Lagos, was opened nine years ago to accommodate this natural evolution. It became the centre of operations for the Aesthetic Department, spearheaded by Dr Joanna Karamon, offering an ever-expanding range of treatments to promote skin anti-aging and enhance general rejuvenation.

Recently the Medilagos premises were expanded to house a new Physiotherapy Department offering such diverse treatments as Lymphatic Drainage, Clinical Pilates and Respiratory Kinesitherapy, as well as traditional and Aesthetic Physiotherapy.

The most recent addition to the Medilagos health services is a working partnership with Donna Groom, a certified Esthetician and Paramedic Technician. Since 2017 Donna has been concentrating on the field of Micropigmentation and is also a specialist in Medical Micropigmentation mainly focusing on post-surgical 3D areola restoration.

This procedure, also known as Medical Tattooing, involves implanting specialised pigments into the skin where colour is missing. This treatment is indicated for people who have had a mastectomy or mammoplasty to restore the areola and nipples using the pigments to create a realistic 3D effect. It can also be used for areas of scarring due to surgery or accidents.

This type of treatment can be life-changing, by giving a new breast an incredibly natural look. It can instil self-esteem and confidence, improving quality of life. The emotional impact of the dermopigmentation, at the final stage of the reconstructive process, cannot be understated – it is an impact that goes beyond just aesthetics. It is the final step to complete the patient’s journey.

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