The Editorial – Travel Clinic

With Dr Maria Alice Serrano e Silva at the helm since 1983, Luzdoc has continued to strive, on their clients’ behalf, to offer the best, most up to date services possible.
One of these services is our new, dedicated Travel Medicine clinic, where we go through your whole itinerary, discuss relevant disease risks and advise on prophylactic treatments (medication and vaccinations) and the basic self-help/first-aid treatments and procedures.
These comprehensive consultations are run by Dr Joanna Karamon, who has done a lot of travelling herself and has a personal interest in tropical medicine, and in her quest for continued medical education, has completed a 2 year diploma course in Travel Medicine at the University College, London.

Luzdoc’s policy has recognized the emergence of more discerning clients who are generally better informed about health issues and want to take a more active part in achieving optimum health, and so has developed a wide range of 24-hour, 365 day, on-site clinical services available to all our clients, which include:

  • General Medical Consultations (emergency & routine)
  • 24-hour emergency service (doctor and nurse) including Domicile visits
  • Specialist consultations (emergency & routine)
  • Health Technicians: Psychology / Nutrition / Physiotherapy.
  • Health Related Services: Chiropody / Counseling / Acupuncture / Sports massage
  • / Chiropractor.
  • Preventative medicine:  Health Checkups / Vaccinations
  • Occupation Health.
  • On-site Laboratory Services/ Ultrasound / Doppler / ECG
  • Day care treatment facility.
  • Transport service with or without nurse/doctor escort.
  • Rental of a large variety of medical equipment.
  • Direct access to inpatient facilities through the Hospital Particular Group, as Dr Maria Alice is also a member of the Group’s Clinical Direction

As the world becomes more sophisticated and medical knowledge improves, so Luzdoc has stepped up to the challenge and  has (through strong personal bonds with their clients, and the professionalism of their staff)  maintained the fine balance between remaining a truly dedicated Family Practice but still offering the best in up-to-date, tailor-made health services and technologies.

Do not forget that the future is… what you make of your own present.

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